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Fee structure is as per given table below.

Please note that only one paper and one presenter is covered by an author registration. Authors with multiple papers need to register extra paper as per chart below. however, if single author is presenting his/her multiple papers some relaxation in registration fee will be given. for students rate it is not applicable. Also if more than one authors are coming for presentation then additional amount of attendee has to be credited. Normal paper is 5 pages and each extra page costs US$15/page

Fee Structure


  1. The paper submission fees are exclusive of the attendance/presentation fees.

  2. Authors and candidates must separately cover attendance/presentation fees for both offline and online participation.

  3. The workshop fee of $400 includes the workshop itself, conference, as well as Food and Accommodation.

  4. The $400 workshop fee does not include the Drone Building Kit provided during the workshop. Students may purchase an individual kit at an additional cost.

  5. Accommodation charges are outlined separately, as indicated above.

Registration Process

Step 1

Submit your Paper on the following link.

Step 2

Complete the Payment with details mentioned in "Pay Now To Register" section.

Step 3

Fill out the Registration Form given below. Kindly attach the payment screenshot in the specified section of the form.

Pay Now To Register:



Adobe Scan 23 Aug 2023_page-0001.jpg

Scan to Pay with any UPI App

Adobe Scan 1 Sep 2023_page-0001.jpg

Scan to Pay with PayPal App


Account No: 3604288642
Name of Account: DroneEntry Thailand co.LTD
Bank Name: Siam Commercial Bank 

Account No: 521202010015258
Name of Account: MIR Labs Soceity
Bank Name: Union Bank of India, Pramila Apartments, Thatipur, Gwalior (MP)
IFSC Code: UBIN0558087
Type of Account: Savings

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