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Prof Jens Bo Holm-Nielsen 

University of Aalborg, Esbjerg, Denmark

Dr. Jens Bo Holm-Nielsen; Ph.D. Head of Research Group of Bioenergy and Green Engineering, Department of Energy Technology, Aalborg University, Denmark.
25 Years of experience in the field of Biomass Feedstock production, Biorefinery concepts and Biogas production. Board member of R, D & D committee of a cross-governmental body of biogas developments 1993-2009, Denmark. Secretary and/or chairman of NGO biogas and bioenergy organisations. Experience of a variety of EU projects, Organiser of international conferences, workshops and training programmes in EU, Ukraine, Canada and China.

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eduard babulak.png

Prof. Eduard Babulac

Department of Computer Science, Mah University, USA.

This talk covers the concepts underlying networked games (NGs) and networked virtual environments (NVEs), from their definition, to distributed systems, to networking fundamentals, quality of experience and game design needs.

Topics include (depending on time allotted): 


  •  Intro to networked games technology

  •  The challenges of networked games

  •  QoS/QoE 

  •  Traffic analysis and measurements

  •  Transport protocols and performance

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Prof. Ricardo Armentano

Favaloro University, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Ricardo Armentano is Distinguished Professor of Biomedical Engineering and Director of the Biological Engineering Department and Principal Investigator of UNPD/84/002 at Universidad de la República (Uruguay). He is also Director of the PhD program on signal processing and head of the Bioengineering R&D group (GIBIO) at Universidad Tecnológica Nacional, Buenos Aires (Argentina). He is a member of EMBS IEEE Technical Committee on Cardiopulmonary Systems and IEEE EMBS.

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Prof. GS Tomar

REC Sonbhadra

This session will focus on the advancements in using intelligent networks for smart cities. The speaker will discuss the different use cases of this technology and the potential impact on urban planning and development.

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